Sorting Hat

Tech Sorting Hat is a questionnaire application for suggesting possible technology fields that the user might find interesting.

Following an agile product cycle, over four weeks our team met all the objectives set out by our stakeholders. Our team was comprised of several full stack engineers and UX designers. Serving primarily as the team's backend developer, I assisted in the design and implementation of the backend, as well as GitHub actions and workflows. I also implemented the majority of unit testing for both front and backend.
React  ·  Redux  ·  Express + Knex  ·  NodeJS + Postgres  ·  Jest  ·  Cypress  ·  Tailwind.css  ·  AWS Amplify


GuessWho is a mobile game (you can interact through the iframe available) that presents the player with a tweet and three possible 2020 presidential candidates who might've sent that tweet. The user is to match the person with their tweet. Points will be awarded for correct guesses.

I collaborated on a cross-functional team on this project with the backend setting up their endpoints from the Twitter API while I use CRUD operations to interact with the API on the front end.
React  ·  Javascript

Game of Life

This Game of Life is a grid of cells that based on the count of the neighboring cells: it will die, stay alive, or revive; this type of programmatic system is called a cellular automaton. The birth and death of the cells resemble processes of life from bacterial growth to the interactions at the bases of our life: protons, neutrons, and electrons.

This is a vanilla javascript application that utilizes the p5.js library's native functions: setup, draw, and several event listeners to populate a two-dimensional array with cells, control the animation through drawing and manipulating the speed, and implement double buffering for smoother animation.
Javascript   ·   p5.js

Multiplayer Pong

Multiplayer pong game utilizes native NodeJS websockets for realtime interactions.

I created this project outside of school, only making use of documentation and information I could find online. Building an app from scratch, without having any tutorials to follow, further improved my ability to create something without any roadmap showing me the next steps.
Javascript  ·  Websockets


professional profile

I found my interest in building web applications while completing my Associate in Computer Science Degree.   Taking an introductory C++ course really recouped my natural curiosity for learning and problem-solving.   To turn this interest into a career, I put all my resources into learning the leading technologies that are the modern building blocks of web applications by applying those technologies in my personal projects.

I've been attending an immersive technical coding school, Lambda School, which has provided many opportunities for me to work with cross-functional teams on full-stack applications.   I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with others to build meaningful projects and push myself to increase my skills as a programmer and team collaborator.