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Provenance NFT Marketplace


Polygon NFT marketplace for AI-generated personalized artwork

Nifty Minter

Nifty Minter

Create unique NFTs with the help of AI and list them on OpenSea

Calyx AMM

Calyx AMM

Swap, deposit, and withdraw tokens on this decentralized trading platform

Mayflower DAO

Mayflower DAO

Take part in decentralized governance by creating and voting on proposals for the DAO's treasury


Jan Crowdsale

Raise funds for my project through a decentralized and transparent ICO crowdfunding platform



NFT collection of 25 unique rocking punkers

Leveraging my experience as a web2 software developer, I am now harnessing the power of blockchain to create peer-to-peer value exchange solutions, enabling opportunities not possible with traditional centralized systems.

Blue Dot


Remote Roofing - Software Developer


  • Set up and worked with a machine learning model using Google's AutoML Vision API
  • Wrote scripts to train the ML model with over 10,000 addresses

Gordian Software - Python Developer


  • Integrated airline APIs into the core Gordian platform
  • Created command line tools to speed up API integrations

Dapp University Mentorship


  • Created numerous decentralized applications

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I am eager to become part of a team-focused group committed to making a difference and growing, to bring forth innovative ideas in this dynamic industry.